How SB1 works

SB1 is the Cambridge team that's going to train together in preparation for Leicester (Apr 20), Ross (July 20), Lurkers (Aug-date to be confirmed) and the Regionals/Nationals (October).

Membership in SB1 is based purely on commitment to the team. (i.e. Commitment to most of the above tournaments, and to at least one of the weekly Tuesday and Sunday practices.) It's not too late to join SB1! I suggest a deadline of Saturday 6th April, up till which anyone can join up.

On Sunday 17 March we selected Graham as captain, David M. as vice-captain and Alice and Dora as Spirit captains.

Captain's and vice-captain's roles will be (a) to run drills and games at practices; (b) to select the SB1 team for any tournaments at which we have too many SB1 people for one team [this selection will be based on commitment and on the choice of a balanced team that will work well together]; (c) to decide on inviting other players to play for SB1; (d) to be captains at tournaments. We don't anticipate any need for `deselection' of players from SB1.

At tournaments which are identified above, only people who have committed to SB1 can expect to play for SB1. If (as we expect) there are other people in Cambridge who want to go to some of these tournaments, we'll be happy to help organise another Cambridge team, or (if there's not enough Cambridge people) help these players pick up with other teams.

We agreed that after the time-change we would like the Tuesday practice time to be 5.30pm-8pm. We agreed to work on some *plays*! We didn't reach consensus on a fitness training strategy.

Anyone with Web access can see the complete WFDF rules of ultimate here.

The team: (addresses)

Sven Kelling (no Leicester)               
Mindy S. (no Ross) (no Lurkers)
Luke W. (no Ross) (no Lurkers)
Graham F.                  
Alice B.                   
David MacKay               
Michael Flintoff
Klaus E.                   
James Metcalfe (no Ross?)
Phil Boalch (no Leicester) 
Dora K. (no Ross)          
Sander (no Leicester)

People we hope will sign up soon

Rik Henson
Richard J.       

Other people sometimes active in strange blue teams

 Mike from Utah

Venerated Coaches

Matt Robb
Chris Mills

Those email addresses again
David MacKay <>
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