Tournament format for 10 teams - Saturday

10 teams in two equal pools of 5. Round robin gives 4 games per team.

A: Nightfever : Strange Blue Varsity Team : Reservoir Fish : Albatross : Disc Graceful
B: Mud Culture : Whiplash : Strange Blue Townie Team : Southern Lights : Slipdisc

Games are 50 mins long or to 13 points. If time is reached, a cap of two is put in place after any running point has been played out. (Maximum permitted cap is 14). One timeout per team, which may be used during the cap. Half-time at 7.

At end of Saturday reorder teams in each pool by games won. In event of tie, by head-to-head, etc.


inter-pool games. (Three games per team; teams A2 and B2 may have an extra game if they beat higher seeds.) Games are 60 minutes long or to 15 points. One timeout per half per team. Final is to 17 points. Final rankings will be made using `infera'.

Saturday Field
Time 1 2 3 4 5
10.00-10.55 A1A4 B1B4 A2A3 B2B3
11.10-12.05 A1A5 B1B5 A3A4
12.05-1.00 B3B4
1.00-1.55 A2A5 A1A3
1.55-2.50 B2B5 B1B3
2.50-3.45 A4A5 A2A1
3.45-4.40 B4B5 B2B1
4.40-5.35 A3A5 A2A4
5.35-6.30 B3B5 B2B4
Sunday Field
Time 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
9.30-10.30A4B2 A2B4
10.45-11.45A4B5 A1B3 A5B4 A3B1
11.45-12.45 A2B2
12.45-1.45 A3B5 A5B3
1.45-2.45 A1B2(x) A2B1(y)
2.45-3.45 A3B3 A4B4 A5B5
3.45-5.00 Final Runners up
WxWy LxLy