Cam99: Provisional Tournament format for 8 teams

The tournament is effectively one big round-robin. The re-seed after the initial four-team round-robins is a ploy trying to set up a final game between the two top teams.


A1: Whiplash/Bears; A2: Overflow; A3: Pickup team; A4: Disc Graceful;
B1: Nightfever; B2: Twin Peaks; B3: Strange Blue 2; B4: Strange Blue 1

Games are 50 mins long or to 13 points. If time is reached, a cap of two is put in place after any running point has been played out. (Maximum permitted cap is 14). One timeout per team, which may be used during the cap. Half-time at 7.

After 4pm Saturday teams in each pool are reordered by games won. In event of tie, by head-to-head, etc.


Inter-pool games to complete the round-robin of all 8 teams. Games at 10am and 11am are same format as Saturday. Games from 12pm are 60 minutes long or to 15 points. One timeout per half per team. Final rankings will be made using `infera'. With infera, every point of every game counts. Even if you are losing a game to a very strong team, you can still get valuable credit by scoring a few points against them.

Small print: If the two teams playing in the final are both unbeaten then the winner of the tournament will be the winner of that game; otherwise, infera assigns all the ranks. If the performance of some teams seems to fluctuate wildly then we'll just use win/lose results to get the ranks.

Captains' meeting at 9.30am.
Saturday Field
Time 1 2 3 4
10 B1B4 B2B3
11 A3A4 A2A1
12 Varsity
1 B2B1 A2A4 A1A3
2 B3B4*
3 A2A3 A1A4
3.30 B2B4 B1B3
NB, all teams have an interpool game at 5pm.
First, reorder teams in each pool by games won.
Time 1 2 3 4
5 pm Sat. A1B4 A2B3 A3B2 A4B1

(*) The Oxford-Cambridge Varsity match will take place at 12 on Saturday. Oxford are playing the one game only.
(*) B3B4: 2pm game may be shortened: start at 2.30, and cap at 30 minutes.

Sunday Field
Time 1 2 3 4
10 A1B3 A3B1
11 A2B4 A4B2
12 A3B4 A4B3
1 A1B2 A2B1
2 A3B3 A4B4
3 A2B2
4 A1B1

Accommodation in Cambridge

Here are convenient bed and breakfasts in the Newnham area (walking distance to the grounds): (01223)
	Mrs Payne 328 996
	Mrs Dathan 560 466
	Mrs Callan 315 465
	Mr+Mrs Beater 316 363
Here are some in Girton, which is a 10 minute drive away. 276 005, 276 641, 276 620, 276 103.