Ultimate Songs of Strange Blue

Authors: various.

Strange Blues

(to the tune of regular r+blues, with extensive extemporization by soloist [Adrian Lane])
  soloist                                chorus
Woke up this morning                doo--ne-ne-ne-nuh
with a pain in my head              doo--ne-ne-ne-nuh
I drank too much beer               doo--ne-ne-ne-nuh
and I didn't get to bed             doo--ne-ne-ne-nuh
Ma hammers don't connect            doo--ne-ne-ne-nuh
Ma fo'hands in the ground           doo--ne-ne-ne-nuh
And we hate to lose                 doo--ne-ne-ne-nuh
That's why we've got the
                STRANGE BLUoooooooooooooooooooooES

Strange Blue

(to the tune of `Blue moon')

Guys sing 'doo(wop)--doo(wop)--doo(wop)--doo(wop)--'. Ladies sing:

Strange Blue
You saw me standing alone
With all this space in the zone
I'll never score on my own

I'm free
Please chuck the frisbee to me
'Cause that's the right thing to do
That's why I play for Strange Blue



(to the tune of `Help!')
Cut! I need somebody.
Cut! Yes just anybody.
Cut! You know I need someone

When I was faster so much faster than today
I never needed anybody's help in any way.
But now those days are gone I'm playing for Strange Blue
And I've had a real hard time - getting clear of you.

Help me cos the stall count's up to seven
Just one cut would send me up to heaven.
Change the rules to stall up to eleven.

Won't you please cut for me
Cut now cut no-o-o-ow

If I never score

(to the tune of `when I'm sixty-four')
On a turn over, on the last point, many plays from now
(if I don't sub off)
Will I still be dropping every throw you pass?
Backhands - forehands - what a pigs ass.
When there's a stall count greater than nine
Who's that hammer for?
Will you still see me, will they still D me,
if I never score?

Wise men say

(To the tune of Wise men say, by the King)
Wise men say only fools look long
But I can't help having a huck with you
As the offence flows surely down the line
Darling so it goes - that disc - it must be mine
Take this disc  Take my whole life too
For I can't help playing this game with you.


(to the tune of `the lion sleeps tonight') (This got Spirit at Leicester regional indoors 1994)
Furisubi Furisubi
Furisubi Furisubi
Furisubi Furisubi
Furisubi Furisubi
		In the tournie despite the contest
		The Game will always win
		In the tournie despite the contest
		The Game will always win