Varsity Match (Ultimate) 24th May 1997

The Varsity match was won 16-11 by Cambridge.

The Biddle cup was won 13-5 by Cambridge.

Date and location

24th May 1997. Trinity College Rugby Field, Grantchester Road.

NB, Trinity has several fields. Our one is on Grantchester road, not Grange Road.


An Ascii map is available, and the relevant corner of it is reproduced below.

Grantchester Road is a left turn from Barton Road, as you go out of Cambridge, opposite Wolfson College.
The Trinity ground is opposite the Cambridge Rugby Club's ground. The main entrance to the ground is the first turning on the left as you go down Grantchester Road, straight after the houses end.
Those coming by car from outside Cambridge are STRONGLY encouraged to approach from the M11, junction 12, along Barton Road (A603) so as to avoid congestion, which can be bad. Grantchester Road is then a right turn, opposite Wolfson College.

A second entrance to the ground, at Kings Road, will NOT be open.


Parking IS possible in the Trinity ground for PLAYERS ONLY. Please park next to the hedge and drive gently on the grass.


Changing rooms and toilets are provided. No showers, sorry.


The following teams will be present.
  1. Strange Blue, Cambridge
  2. Ow!, Oxford
  3. High Pie, Wymondham
  4. Woodbridge (a new team, no experienced players yet)
  11.00 - 11.30      Arrive and warm up.
                     Please come on time!

			pitch 1                      pitch 2
  12.00 -  1.30      Strange Blue - Ow!      
                      (Varsity Match)
  1.45  -  2.45      High Pie - Strange Blue     Woodbridge - Ow! 
                      (The Biddle Cup)               Friendly
  2.50  -  3.50      High Pie - Woodbridge (*)   

  3.55  -  4.55      Arts versus Sciences        Arts versus Sciences      
			(under 20s)                 (over 20s)

  5.30               Picnic, Grantchester Meadows.
(*) Ow! will be invited to lend players to Woodbridge in this game.


W.F.D.F. rules will apply.

Varsity match: game to 17 points. Half time at 9. One time out per team per half. If full time reached, play out the current point then cap at top score plus 2. No time outs after full time. Varsity match eligibility: each team can have X non-University/school players, where X is to be suggested by Cambridge.

Other matches: to 13 points, half time at 7.


Please ensure that your team brings two colours of shirt, one dark and one light. (e.g. Blue and white.)

Don't forget to bring a water bottle.

Map of the vicinity

 ||                      |Grange /    |    \_     \     \                    
 ||                      |Road  O      \_    \_    \ Parker's piece          
/||\   Barton Road       |     / \_      \_    \_   \    /Kelsey Kerridge    
-||-O------------+------++----'    \_      \_  E \   \  /                    
\||/   A 603     |      |H           \       \    ++--+' <-Lensfield Rd      
 ||              | SR   |KR       Fen `-------=---+    \                     
 || Junc         +--<---+        Causeway    /    |-----\____Railway Station 
 || 12           |      |                   /     |Batman\                   
M11              |vvvvvv|         River Cam/      |  St.  \
                 |vvvvvv      (upper river)  Trumpington   \                 
                 |                               Road       Hills Road       
vv Varsity match location, Trinity ground                                    
H  Hat and Feathers pub                                                      
SR Selwyn Road (one way street)                                              
KR Kings Road                                                                
For a bigger map see here.


The last Varsity match in Oxford was won by Cambridge.

The Biddle cup, first played for in 1996, is currently held by Cambridge.

Any questions

The groundsman's name is J. Carter (359 566). Trinity Old Field, Grange Road, CB3 9AA.

Organizer of the Ultimate Varsity Match Event is David MacKay (01223) 339852 (w) / 276411 (h).

Other contacts are, Will Biddle 01263 731 294, Phillip Trett 01473 720 064.

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