Wolverhampton - a Leicester/Cambridge victory!

Jonathan, Arfon and David went to the Wolverhampton tournament. We teamed up with four friends from Leicester to make the `Blue Furry Jesters' (two Strange Blues, two Small Furry Animals, and three Jesters), and had a good time. What's more, we ended up winning the tournament!

Ten teams were present. On the first day we played in a pool with Fingers 6 B, Hot Stamp Rejects, Lurkers and `We are not Keele any more'. All the games felt evenly matched, and the scores were mostly close. We lost by two points to the Lurkers (the top seeds in our pool), and won the other games.

We played the first game of day 2 against the Smurfs and were almost beaten by them. We were lucky to get the winning point in overtime. This put us in the top 4 with Lurkers and Fingers 6 A and B, and we spent the rest of the day playing against them, first in a pool of 4, and then in the final. We narrowly beat the excellent spirited Fingers teams, and then came up against Lurkers again. The outcome of this match would not affect who was in the final, so we had the opportunity to experiment. We used a zone D and a `Strange' O, and came out two points ahead. Then came the final - our third match against Lurkers. We persisted with the zone and got a resounding 16-8 win. A good spirited final, and a good spirited tournament.


1	Blue Furry Jesters
2	Lurkers
3	Fingers 6 A
4	Fingers 6 B
5	`We are not Keele any more' + ringers (Plate)
6	S.F.A.
7	Smurfs
8	Sneeekys			      (Spirit)
9	Hot Stamp Rejects
10	Skunks
The Mr. Blobby award for the best layout: Kevin of S.F.A.

Best T-shirt: the tournament T shirt featuring Wile E. Coyote and his ACME layout rocket III.

Best poem: (Dawn of S.F.A.)

 `They fly through the air with the greatest of ease -
 those Jesters from Leicester are the ultimate tease.'
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