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The Cambridge Two

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This site ( is here to record the injustice suffered by the charity workers, Ruth Wyner and John Brock, of Wintercomfort, and to provide information that their supporters may find useful.

Ruth and John have now been freed, after more than 200 days in prison. On Dec 21, 2000, the appeal judges said that the convictions would stand, but the sentences were reduced to 18 months.

See also and (formerly for more information.

The struggle to introduce sanity into drugs policy goes on:

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What's new:

"Not Guilty" will be playing a celebration Cambridge Two gig on Sunday evening, March 18th, at the Man in the Moon, Norfolk Street.

Peter Bottomley is pressing for a Royal pardon. An appeal to the House of Lords is possible, as is an appeal to Europe.

`Reality Check' Rally, Saturday January 27th, CANCELLED.

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Pictures of Cambridge Ultimate Frisbee squad supporting the Cambridge Two.
There is a second email list, `cam2c@egroups' (note the extra `c' in cam2c) for the Cambridge Two Action Committee to communicate with itself. Contact to have your email address added to cam2c.

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