Sustainable Energy - without the hot air

Sustainable Energy - without the hot air


All the errata in a one-page pdf file (March 2009)

Corrections to final published version (3.5.2)
Pages 2, 18   Apologies to Jonathon Porritt for mis-spelling his 
              first name.

Page 30-31  Note 29.  In the sentence, 

If I said "the average use of energy for car driving in the UK is 24 kWh/d per person," I bet some people would misunderstand and say: "I'm a car driver so I guess I use 24 kWh/d."
replace both "24"s by "13". (24 kWh/d/p was the average use of energy for all road transport. Of that, 13 kWh/d/p goes into cars and motorcycles.) Page 43 corn to ethanol (in figure 6.11) "0.02 W/m**2" should be "0.048 W/m**2". [Details: the power production of ethanol works out to 0.2 W/m**2; unfortunately, producing the ethanol requires inputs with a power _cost_ of 0.2 W/m**2, which cancels the power produced. The only way to get net power from corn-to-ethanol is to ensure that all co-products are exploited. Shapouri et al then estimate that corn ethanol production has an 'energy ratio' of 1.24, which means that the _net_ power production of corn-to-ethanol is 0.048 W/m**2.] Page 47 add parenthesis: band-gap is lost. -> band-gap is lost.) Page 55 Map showing Kinlochewe and Bedford: Kinlochewe is shown incorrectly. The correct location is about 60km further north. Page 56 (note 56, line 8) "has a per" -> "has a power per" Page 62 line 14 from the bottom, ``0.14 million tons'' should read ``140 million tons''. Page 85 In the map of Northern Ireland the placename "Downpatrick" is missing its first letter. Page 120 trolleybuses consume 270 kWh per vehicle-km should read 270 kWh per 100 vehicle-km Page 133 "Rijnsdam" should read "Rijndam" Page 153 "Scandanavia" should read "Scandinavia" Page 167 "The nuclear decommissioning authority has an annual budget of 2 billion." In fact this is to clean up not only the civilian nuclear power stations but also the military nuclear-bomb-making facilities at Sellafield. The lion's share of the money is thus cleaning up military mess, not civilian-power mess. This means I have overestimated the cost per kWh of cleaning up old civilian nuclear power. Page 169-170 "after 1000 years, the radioactivity of the high-level waste is about the same as that of uranium ore." ---> "if we reprocess the waste, separating off the uranium and plutonium for use in new nuclear fuel, then after 1000 years, the radioactivity of the high-level waste is about the same as that of uranium ore." Page 192 Table 26.7. Columns 2 and 3: volumes and depths are wrong. All volumes (40, 40, 100...) and depths (20, 10, 20...) should be doubled (to 80, 80, 200... and 40, 20, 40... respectively). Page 204 The red box marked Transport (20 kWh/d) and the adjacent blue box marked Electricity (18 kWh/d) were both accidentally misdrawn 10% too tall. Page 205 paragraph 2, last line, "2 kWh/d/p of solar hot water," should be "1 kWh/d/p of solar hot water," Page 217 "the cost of decommissioning the UK's nuclear power stations." → "the cost of decommissioning the UK's nuclear power stations and nuclear-weapon factories." Page 232 "Scandanavia" should read "Scandinavia" Page 246 To pulverized the rocks → To pulverize the rocks Page 263 Fig B.1: force 7, 31 km/h → 58 km/h Page 281 line 2: depends only → depends only on Page 284 Bioethanol section: "0.02 W/m**2" should be "0.2 W/m**2". To make this section more informative I would rewrite it thus: 1 acre produces 122 bushels of corn per year, which makes 122 x 2.6 US gallons of ethanol, which at 84000 BTU per gallon would mean a power per unit area of {0.2 W/m^2}; however, the energy inputs required to process the corn into ethanol amount to 83,000 BTU per gallon; so 99% of the energy produced is used up by the processing, and the net power per unit area is about {0.002 W/m^2}. The only way to get significant net power from the corn-to-ethanol process is to ensure that all co-products are exploited; including the energy in the co-products, the net power per unit area is about 0.05 W/m^2. Page 286 If 2800\,m^2 of Britain (that's all agricultural land) ... → If 2800\,m^2 per person of Britain (that's all agricultural land) ... Page 298, 299 The top line of page 298 gives 6.6 W/m^2 as the total power per unit area of the Heatkeeper house. This is incorrect. 6.6 W/m^2 is the heating power only. The total power per unit area is 12.2 W/m^2. This error is repeated in figure E.12. [Incidentally the equivalent breakdown of power consumption in my house, "after", is 6.2 W/m^2 of gas and 7.1 W/m^2 total.] Page 299 Another problem with figure E.12 is that the PassivHaus standards use a different convention for defining power: power is measured in terms of "primary energy consumption", which requires knowledge of the sources of electricity and fuel and of conversion efficiencies. This means that the PassivHaus standards are actually more stringent than the figure shows; though exactly how much more stringent depends on the fuel mix. Page 300 Figure E.13: "Text" should read "Tout", for consistency with the caption. Page 316 The equation number (G.10) is missing from the equation on this page. Page 324 line 22 "(10 kWh/d per person)" should read "(10 kWh per kg)" Page 328 line 6 ``Internationale" should read ``International". Page 353 Schlaich, J.: These bibliography entries both have errors. Correct bib entries are: Schlaich J, Bergermann R, Schiel W, and Weinrebe G (2005). "Design of Commercial Solar Updraft Tower Systems - Utilization of Solar Induced Convective Flows for Power Generation". Journal of Solar Energy Engineering 127 (1): 117-124. doi:10.1115/1.1823493. Schlaich J, Schiel W (2001), "Solar Chimneys", in RA Meyers (ed), Encyclopedia of Physical Science and Technology, 3rd Edition, Academic Press, London. ISBN 0-12-227410-5. http://www.solarmillennium.de/pdf/SolarCh.pdf
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Thanks to Vince O'Farrell, Tim Stone, François-Marie Lefevere, Martin Zeidler, Jim Smith, Jeanne Warren, Michael Worstall, Richard Weightman, Dankrad Feist, Iztok Tiselj, and Tim Paine.

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