Sustainable Energy - without the hot air

Sustainable Energy - without the hot air

Information for teachers

List of people and organisations known to be using SEWTHA in teaching

  • "Energy Efficiency for Sustainability", a final year undergraduate module in Mechanical Engineering at The University of Nottingham. Dr Steve Pickering, Assoc. Prof. and Reader in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Chris Schilling, Saginaw Valley State University - "a great set of lessons for a high school algebra class."
  • Sustainable Technology through Advanced Interdisciplinary Research (STAIR) program at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Graduate curriculum in sustainability is using "Sustainable Energy - without the hot air". David Keffer, Director
  • Professors A. B. Anton and J. W. Tester. CHEME 6660 Analysis of Sustainable Energy Systems. Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Cornell University
  • Graduate seminar, University of Colorado. Instructor: Roger Pielke, Jr.
  • junior-level mechanical engineering alternative energy course, Saginaw Valley State University in Michigan. Dr Chris Schilling.
  • Graduate School of the Environment (GSE), Machynlleth. Renewable Energy in the Built Environment course (REBE), based at the Centre of Alternative Technology (CAT). Chris Laughton.

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