Sustainable Energy - without the hot air

Sustainable Energy - without the hot air


Thanks to kind volunteers, a few partial translations are under way. Some are directly translating the book as it stands. Others aim to add additional translated content (eg Germany-related materials for a German edition).

Deutsch deutsch Übersicht [Synopsis] (pdf) (1M) Danke, Robert Gieseke, für's Deutsche Übersetzung!
Das ganz Büch - 'Nachhaltige Energiegewinnung - ohne die heiße Luft' pdf (12M) Danke, Thomas F. Kerscher, für's Deutsche Übersetzung!
Italiano italiano Synopsis (12 pages) Energia sostenibile - senza aria fritta postscript (3.2M) | pdf (1.7M) Thank you to Alessandro Pastore and Stefano Chesi!
Espanol Sinopsis (10pp) "Energía Sostenible - sin palabrería" [PDF 1.3M] Translated by UK embassy in Spain - thank you, foreign office!

Anyone wanting to make translations of the book as a volunteer or professionally, do get in touch with my publisher.

The book's wiki is available in multiple languages:

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