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Other groups working on communication systems related to Dasher

Other Dasher-like interfaces written outside our group

  1. Mathis's educational Liver site has a dynamic navigational java tool.
  2. Someone showed me another dynamic zooming and contracting webbrowser, but I forgot its name.
  3. A "Circular" version of dasher, written in Java (no longer available)
    While we appreciate the hommage to our work, we think this implementation throws away the essential feature of dasher, namely information-efficiency. The user is able to zoom in on inter-circle regions that do not correspond to any string, so bandwidth is continually wasted by the user's having to steer (redundantly) into the coding regions.

Other groups working on eyetracking for text-entry

Other predictive text entry systems for miniature computers

Other accessibility organizations


Ergonomic computer office furniture. Assistive technology products for people with special needs. Accessibility products such as text to speech. Speech recognition that aid the blind and those with low vision in the office and at home workstations. Our mission is to help you prevent computer related injuries. Avoid RSI (repetitive strain injuries) by building ergonomic computer workstations. | Head / Eye Controlled Devices

The Dasher project is supported by the Gatsby Foundation
and by the European Commission in the context of
the AEGIS project - open Accessibility Everywhere: Groundwork, Infrastructure, Standards)

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