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Alphabet developments

Wed 11/8/04

I have put a lot of effort into making alphabet files. Helped by omniglot, mimer, and theodora.

All the alphabets can be found here. And this table has them all sorted by region.

Recent additions for which I need help or advice are

Is this Chinese alphabet useful to anyone? (It consists of the roman letters with vowel accents.) Please let me know; and tell me whether the "combining diacritics" and "tone marks" are needed; I am guessing not. We have got a training text for Pinyin, and it seems to work -- see this screen shot. Thanks to Zhang Yunong for his help!
Another Chinese alphabet. Is this useful? Is it complete?
This alphabet crashes my Dasher. No fonts are displayed. Can anyone help?
Dhivehi (thaana)
I think this Dhivehi alphabet is ready to go. All we need is a training text. One of the characters does not display in my Dasher. Can anyone help enhance this alphabet?
Ready to go? All we need is a training text.
Arabic is believed to be working correctly now. On some linux platforms the fonts join up all cursively, very beautiful!
Nearly ready to go?

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