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This is the API documentation for authors wishing to port Dasher to new platforms.

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A Dasher interface should implement the CDasherScreen, CDasherSettingsInterface, CDashEdit and CSettingsStore classes. Communication with the core is via the CDasherAppInterface, CDasherSettingsInterface and CDasherWidgetInterface classes.

CDasherScreen is the canvas on which the Dasher model itself will be drawn. CDasherSettingsInterface provides an interface for configuring certain Dasher options that can't be done without the cooperation of the interface. CDashEdit is the "edit box" - this deals with input and output of characters, and saving of text. It doesn't inherently have to be an edit box, but could instead be an interface that allows text to be entered directly into other applications. CSettignsStore provides a platform dependent mechanism for loading and saving configuration options. You'll need to call ChangeView in the core in order to get the core to set up the initial model, and then call ChangeEdit and ChangeScreen to tell the core what your DasherScreen and DashEdit objects are. After that, stuff should just work. There's no need to implement the full set of features if your interface doesn't require it.

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