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27 November 2002

Dasher 3.0.0 preview 2 is now ready for release on both windows and linux. (Windows 2000 is fine, win 95 not checked yet.) Releases are being bundled today and hopefully will be linked to the website this week. Default location for releases will be at

Please send URLs to DJCM when ready.

The character/square over-writing problem has been solved.

Minor bugs remaining are:

  1. Cut and paste buttons are missing from the windows version, though cut and paste functionality is fine.
  2. When a selection is made in the text box of the windows version, the language model is incorrectly initialized to the right of the selection where it should always be the LEFT of the selection. [Now fixed, Wed 27/11/02.]

MJG will have more time for Dasher from Dec 9th 2002.

Regular Dasher meetings will happen Wednesdays at 10.15am.

MJG has got Dasher working (nearly) in WINElib so that windows development is possible in a linux environment.

The Dasher job has been advertised and the closing date is this Friday.

Demonstration non-english languages are not yet in 3.0.0; Phil will find out standard portuguese alphabetical order from a friend. lccollate also offers information on alphabetical orders.

The master CVS will be moved from sourceforge back to local machines shortly.

A dedicated old linux machine will be used to run dasher CVS and bugzilla services. Hanna will set up Bugzilla. Phil will select the right machine. Bugzilla should be laoded up with sourceforge bug lists and with old bug lists from /home/mackay/dasher/incoming/bugzilla and with this:

Copyright: Code written by Phil is (c) Phil for the time being. Donors outside the group are asked to transfer copyright to the (c) owner of the file they modified, or transfer it to MJG.

Hanna will have version 3 for linux ipaq packaged soon.

MJG recommends buying for two years, and having redirect to (or whatever the machine will be) because is easier to type than

19 November 2002

Good progress is being made on creating Dasher 3.0.0 pre-release for both GNU/linux and ipaq-running-linux.

The procedure for installing linux 300 from sourceforge is

  cvs login
  cvs -z3 co dasher3
  cd dasher3
  make install

Hanna is working on the port of Dasher 3 to the ipaq-running-linux and is also planning to work on "dash", the dasher command shell.

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