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Dasher in Schools

This page describes uses of Dasher in educational settings, especially in mainstream schools.

Dasher is a component in a project by

Ian Usher
E-Learning Co-ordinator, Research & Development
School Improvement Service, Buckinghamshire County Council
[e] iusher[AT]   [skype] iusher   
[t] 01296 382038               [m] 07747 757868
This project is being developed as a `Nesta Futurelab design challenge'.

Neil Dennison [Neil[AT]], in a City Learning Centre in Bristol, has conducted pilot projects where young children are plonked in front of Dasher and asked to write.

Dr. Mark Winterbottom [mw244[AT]] is also interested in research projects investigating Dasher in schools.

 Dr. Mark Winterbottom [mw244[AT]]
 Lecturer in Education
 Faculty of Education
 University of Cambridge

If you know of other educational work with Dasher, please let David MacKay know.

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