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Version 3.2 new features

The key new features of Dasher 3.2.0 are:
  1. One-dimensional mode; start on mouse-position - making it possible for someone who can only move one muscle to write with Dasher and stop and start Dasher themselves.
  2. Control mode - giving rudimentary stop, pause, edit, and speech options.
  3. Alphabet + colour options - many new alphabets to choose from, plus the option to define your own colour schemes.
  4. Speech is available in both Windows and Linux.
  5. Language model has a new user-adjustable parameter, which controls how much real-estate is devoted to predicting characters that are not predicted by the language model proper. (Default 5%, but beginners, or people writing bizarre documents, might like to increase this.)

Version 3.2 information for Developers

Making version 3.2 under Debian

From a fresh CVS checkout, you need to do ./ in order to generate the configure scripts and makefiles, and then make. Eigg is probably the best machine to do this on - the libraries required for building Dasher aren't on all of the systems yet.

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