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Tue 18/3/03

Version 3.0.1 Release Notes

The main aims in this release were to deal with obvious bugs and provide various features to support disabled users. The one dimensional input mode may also prove interesting to other users - it may take a small amount of time to get used to it, but you may also find it easier than the traditional two dimensional input.

This version should be considered a fairly good basis for porting to other platforms. I've added an experimental GTK2 interface to the source tree - it works, but most features aren't implemented yet. It's probably a better example for anyone who isn't familiar with GTKMM or Win32 code.

What's changed:

Default alphabet reordered
API documentation added
Font size changeable
Interfaces now use a crosshair within the Dasher canvas
Flicker reduced
One dimensional input mode introduced
Logical position of the mouse pointer can be displayed  
All settings should now be saved between runs
Various fixes to improve prediction

Windows version can be started and stopped using the space bar rather
than themouse
Fixed Windows file operations
Import training file should now work
Fix handling of rapid mouse clicks

GTK version gettextised for ease of translation
Added experimental GTK2 version

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