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I've just released version 3.0.2 of Dasher, which can be downloaded from 

This version should fix the bugs related to zooming at the top and
bottom of the canvas, and also introduces a keyboard control method
using the up, down and left cursor keys. This is intended for people
using switch input, but may be useful for other purposes.

Unix users have a new GTK2 interface, which will be compiled
automatically if GTKMM is unavailable or if the --with-gtk2 option is
passed to ./configure. There's an RPM of the GTK2 version, which should
make life easier for people who've had problems satisfying GTKMM
dependencies in the past.

Developers should note the introduction of a (mostly) C layer that
interfaces between the interface and the C++ core. At the moment this
still contains some vestigal C++ code, but in future it should be
possible to write Dasher interface code in C rather than C++ if desired.
Thanks to Phil Cowens for contributing this code.

Matthew Garrett 

Dasher is listed as a Debian unstable package

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