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Japanese alphabets

Thu 22/7/04.

For the last two years, our only Japanese alphabets have been alphabet.Japanese.xml, includes 7000 Kanji sorted into an order recommended on an alphabetization webpage. We also have hiragana, katakana, and roman numerals.

  • The second, in alphabet.Joyo.xml, has about 1900 Kanji grouped into 9 levels, in the order that they are taught at school.
  • in alphabet.Joyo.xml has the same Kanji grouped into 83 groups on the basis of a possible `first Hiragana character'.
  • The final grouping in alphabet.Joyo.xml is based on the RADICALS. Every Kanji has a unique radical (as used in Kanji dictionaries). The radicals are sorted in dictionary order (by number of strokes). Within a radical the Kanji are put in dictionary order; hopefully few enough of them that the user can find the Kanji.
  • On Tue 10/8/04 I added several more punctuation characters, including middle-dot and Japanese comma, plus lower and upper case romaji to the alphabet.Joyo.xml alphabets. A full list of punctuation characters can be seen in punctuation.xml.

    Kaburagi has implemented Furigana scripts.

    Further ideas about Japanese Dasher are in the Japanese Dasher wiki

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