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CVS branches 2005

Gnome is going into feature freeze for its 2.12 release cycle from  
today; the release of Gnome 2.12.0 will be on September 7th.  This
means that we need to start preparing a CVS branch for that release,
and that string or UI changes to that branch will first need to be
announced, and later (after July 25th) need permission from the Gnome
release team.

Since we have some new release targets of our own, we'll be making
several CVS branches immediately:

dasher_3_2:  This branch will be for the 3.2 release that coincides
with DJCM's July 13th deadline and subsequent releases of 3.2.  (In
practise, we don't expect many more of those.  See below on HEAD.)

gnome-2-12:  This branch will be for the 3.2 release that freezes
immediately and is released with Gnome 2.12.0.  Bug fixes will be
applied, but not DJCM's eight proposed new features, and preferably
not string or UI changes unless necessary.  If they *are* necessary,
please let me know before committing them and I'll let the release
team know.

HEAD:  This branch will be for Dasher 4.0.0, which will contain a
heavily rewritten core, as proposed by Phil and Brian.

So.  Please commit the bugfixes that turn (what was until today)
"current HEAD" into a stable Dasher release to the gnome-2-12 and
dasher_3_2 branches, committing bugfixes to gnome-2-12 and bugfixes
plus new features to dasher_3_2.

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