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New members of the development team

  • Kevin Holloway, Adelaide, aims to interface Dasher with a Text To Speech engine:
    "FreeTTS is a speech synthesis engine written entirely in the Java(tm) programming language. FreeTTS was written by the Sun Microsystems Laboratories Speech Team and is based on CMU's Flite engine."
    Kevin has plans to raise support from Rotary clubs and promote the idea through Sun (esp if there is a Java connection) and IBM.

Other Development info

This sourceforge list allows developers/testers to add their own models of pocket PC on which Dasher works.

From DJW 09 2002

I've started uploading stuff to CVS on sourceforge.
To save you some time, here is some info to get you started. Its all documented
at sourceforge.

You can browse CVS on the web here:

There seem to be 2 shell accounts - but I think they both map
to the same home space. I think that only the second will allow access
to the Dasher website.


To get passwordless access to the shell accounts, do the
usual thing of uploding your .ssh public key to .ssh/authorised_keys on

The CVS respository is here:

You should be able to ssh to it to test it. To get passwordless
ssh access to CVS, you have to upload your ssh public key via the
web interface (go to account maintenance). It takes six hours for the public key to go live.

I seem to have everything working smoothly now without passwords
(with WinCVS 1.3.6 and ssh1.2.14 for Win32). Let me know if you
have any questions.

Only 'Developers/Admins' can check in stuff. That list is currenly

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