Bibliography files of MacKay group members

Recommended format

Please use the bibtex style and include all relevant information in the .bib entry. Example entry:
 AUTHOR		={L. Gavard and H. K. D. H. Bhadeshia and
		  D. J. C.  MacKay and S. Suzuki},
 TITLE		={Bayesian Neural Network Model for Austenite
		  Formation in Steels},
 journal        ={Materials Science and Technology},
 vol            =12,
 pages          ={453-463},
 YEAR           =1996,
 ANNOTE         ="Date submitted: May 1995; Date accepted: n/k 1995;
                  Collaborating institutes:
		  Cambridge University Department of Metallurgy and
		  Materials Science. MRAO reprint number 1941."}

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