Scans processed with djvu

I scanned in my book cover at two resolutions. First, let's see the high resolution results.

backcover_fax.jpg ---- (792K):
This is the raw jpg file, obtained from the 10M tif file using convert. I uploaded this 792K jpg file for conversion. When you view this file, your browser may shrink it. The image is in fact 1700x2059.
xv -nolimits backcover_fax.jpg
backcover_fax.djvu ---- (24K):
Here is the djvu file obtained using normal settings on the free djvu conversion service ---- (56K):
And here is the djvu file created when we use the best settings for foreground and background quality.

backcover_screen.tif ---- (1448K):
Now the low resolution results. The original tif file was 1.5M in size, and that is what I uploaded to the server.
backcover_screen.gif ---- (552K):
First you might want to check the viewability of this gif file. The text is readable
backcover_screen.djvu ---- (12K):
The compressed djvu file is very small but it's also unreadable!

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