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Problems using this archive? Some questions and answers.

Note : If you prefer to get documents by ftp rather than by clicking in a web browser, then you can get to most of these files by anonymous ftp to wol.ra.phy.cam.ac.uk, cd pub/www/mackay.

Conversely, if you want to get a document by http rather than by ftp, change the address from ftp://www.inference.org.uk/pub/www/mackay/blah to http://www.inference.org.uk/mackay/blah.

when I logged into your web address as sent, I got a bunch of nondescript characters which at least my Nestscape 1.12 was not deciphering.
OK - that means that your Netscape doesn't know about uncompressing files ending in .ps.gz and displaying them with ghostview. The thing to do in that situation is to select "Save As file" from the "File" menu, saving to name.ps.gz, then uncompress (gunzip) it by hand and then view the postscript in your favourite manner.
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  • I mirror my archive in Canada thus
    Most of the big files are compressed with gzip (.gz).

    If you don't have gunzip on your machine, you can find gunzip executables for various systems here; the msdos executable is also here. Some users report that gsview32 is useful for viewing the ps.gz files.
    Some users of windows machines find that if they download a ps.gz file by http then it does not unzip and display, but if they download it by ftp, it works fine. To convert an http URL to an ftp URL, please use the following pair as an example:


    djvu files are provided for some papers. [Download djView]

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