Procedure for getting images from DSC-F1 to jpg using the upgraded sony_dsc software

  • Shut down linux machine and boot up windoze.
  • Start SonyDSC. Click on the camera->jpg icon (near the top left).
  • This downloads all images to .jpg format, takes about 30 mins.
  • Goto line 999 below.

    Procedure for getting images from DSC-F1 to gif (and html) using vueprint

    This is the procedure once everything has been set up right (not hard).
  • Shut down linux machine and boot up windoze.
  • Click on control panel infrared icon. Switch camera to play (and put it on to the mains adaptor!).
  • Start SonyDSC. Click on the top left camera icon.
  • When the album image appears, click on it once to select (yellow) it.
  • Pull down the File menu and select Copy to Disc Album, and click ok.
  • Wait about 30 minutes, then shut down sonydsc
  • Using the windoze file listing thing, get into the new directory where the album is. (Good to do this before starting vueprint; that way, you get a nice historical list of files when you create new ones).
  • Click on one of the files and look at it using vueprint.
  • Select thumbnail to get thumbnails of all images. Save each thumbnail as a gif.
  • Keep selecting thumbnail until the displayed image reverts to a non-thumbnail.
  • Select File: Convert... to gif.
  • Select all the desired files using click and shift-click or ctrl-click, followed by "open".
  • You're done with vueprint. Delete all the images on the camera.
  • Select a DOStool, and run ftp in the relevant directory.
  • (line 999) ftp all the gif files to a linux machine.
  • Shut down windoze
  • Run my little perl program (which works under sunos at least) lisa2html.p to convert a file listing generated by ls -lisa into an html document like the examples Example images. Example 2.
    ls -lisa *gif | lisa2html.p title="storm damage" > gutter.html

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    Last modified: Sun Nov 9 15:47:10 1997