Suggested Timetable for PhD Theses

** See also notes on thesis preparation.

Suggested timetable for the preparation of a Ph.D. Thesis, published by EPSRC. The timetable will only work if you plan to it, for example, by booking binders etc. It also assumes that your interpretations are well advanced and that no difficulties arise during the construction of an overall view. For example, further experiments and interpretation might become necessary. Oversights like these are natural in research but can be minimised by writing papers during the course of the work.

Theses which are not completed within the three year period will always have a lower priority from the supervisor.

Beginning April

Introduction 3 weeks
Method and results 6 weeks
Discussion, tables, figures, refs etc 6 weeks
Typing 2 weeks
   Sub-total 1 17 weeks
Consultation with supervisor & others 1 week
Revision of draft 2 weeks
   Sub-total 2 3 weeks
Final typing, art work on figures,proof reading etc. 3 weeks
Binding 1 week
   Sub-total 3 4 weeks

Regulations permit the examiners to study the thesis for a maximum period of three months. Requests for urgent examinations are therefore difficult, and assume that revisions are not necessary. It is not reasonable to expect the examiner to take less than two or three months to study the thesis.

Remember also that a one page abstract is required separately, which will also be examined and signed by both examiners, both to approve the standard and to certify that it is representative of the thesis contents


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