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Till Tantau's Beamer package for LaTeX is probably the most widely used platform for academic presentations. Among others, it has a theme called CambridgeUS, sporting the MIT colours. Since I live in the original place, I always found it a bit annoying that there was no corresponding CambridgeUK style. So, in late 2008, I wrote one.

The style consists of two files. One contains the colour theme, the other one some layout specifications. There is also an example .tex file and the .pdf output generated from it. The colours (though not the layout) are based on the University's official theme, which can be found here.


Please note that this template is in no way endorsed by the University. It is based on the official colour theme, but the layout does not fit the official house style in any way. To my best knowledge, none of the contents of this code are copyrighted by the University: It's simply a nice choice of matching colours. Under no circumstances should you use this theme to falsely create the impression of affiliation with the University of Cambridge. (You wouldn't be that convincing either, given that the template does not contain the official identifier.)

Installation Instructions

  1. I assume you know LaTeX and have it installed. Otherwise, this package is probably not for you. You may want to use the official house Powerpoint styles which can be found at the site linked above.
  2. Install beamer (if you are using a LaTeX distribution, it's most probably already installed).
  3. Find the beamer package directory. It's typically in [texroot]/tex/latex/beamer/. Change there.
  4. Copy the file beamercolorthemecambridgeuk.sty to ./themes/color/.
  5. Copy the file beamerthemeCambridgeUK.sty to ./themes/theme/.
  6. Run sudo texhash, or the equivalent on your system. (e.g. if you use MikTex on Windows, open Start -> MikTex -> Settings and run "refresh FNDB")
  7. Have a look at the example (the pdf output is here). It is pretty self-explanatory. If you know how to use beamer, simply copy the one obvious line from the preamble, and you are all set.