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Minutes of meeting, Thu 19/7/07

1. We will move to CARET as soon as possible. In the first instance Daniel Parry will liaise with Mike Rose to get the technology stack set up on CARET servers.

2. Source code will be placed on the CARET svn servers. The svn area will be private until we document IPR ownership and agree a licence.

3. CARET will obtain an IPR assignment form from Legal Services and ask Tom to assign to the University any IPR that is not already owned by the University under the terms of Tom's various funding sources.

4. When this has been done CARET will liaise with current sponsors over the redirection (and technical contact details) for the DNS [this was not discussed, but I guess CARET should take over responsibility for the DNS entry]

5. CARET will open up svn with an OSI approved open source licence. At some point CARET may move the project to sourceforge or similar project support environment if there is demand for it.

6. The current site requires some editorial input (for example to advise users who do not correctly distinguish between talks and lists of talks, or to maintain the featured talks on the home page). The current super-users who carry out this work will remain super-users with the same responsibility for the next 6 months, during which time the future editorial arrangements will be addressed.

7. The current sponsors and CARET will work together to set up a user forum to discuss future developments and/or problems

8. CARET will operate a problem reporting system and work with current sponsors and the developers to resolve any problems

9. CARET will investigate any data protection issues and intended use of data declarations that may be necessary in order to permit research to be carried out on the (public?) data held by

10. CARET and sponsors will exchange information about possible sources of financial support and/or resources for future development

11. CARET will maintain OS and other software versions to minimise security issues

12. CARET will liaise with the current sponsors in responding to requests from other groups for development of the resource (e.g. communications division, staff development)

13. Alan Blackwell, Duncan Simpson, and David MacKay represent the "current sponsors" described elsewhere in this email while they remain members of the University.

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