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Button Dasher

N.B. Several of these links don't work--pages very much in progress!


Write-up for results of preliminary user trials with Button Dasher Menu and Direct Modes:
LaTeX document
Latest pdf

A recent CV:
Latest pdf

Presentations Presentation slides for project presentation (16 August 2005, Ryle Seminar Room, Cavendish); results of user trials for three new ButtonDasher implementations, 4-button Direct, Compass and 'Chris' mode: presentation

PowerPoint slides for project presentation (May 2005); preliminary results for uniform menu, non-uniform menu and direct mode users:
PowerPoint presentation

PowerPoint slides for group meeting (March 2005); preliminary results for uniform menu users:
PowerPoint presentation

Perl Programs

Perl programs for correcting information rate in Button Dasher log files:
David's script

David's script adapted for Compass and D4 modes [Check that this is most recent!]

David's script with minor changes [Old version--update coming soon!]

David's script with major changes [Cleaner version--coming soon!]

My script for dealing with Chris mode now that ButtonDasher now logs backups correctly.

Perl program for extracting user click timing from 3-button Direct Mode logfiles: [Check to see if is more recent.]

Perl program for determining letter frequencies in a document. Alter letters, numbers and characters to be considered in the &alphabet subroutine [USE: FILE]

Perl program that determines other document statistics (average sentence length, average word length, wordcount, number of unique words, etc.)--nothing fancy! [USE: FILE]

Perl program that determines the total number of unique words in a document and prints out a list of them--again, nothing fancy! [USE: FILE]

Perl program for Tn-encoding. See more details here. "Docs/[USE: EMMA FILE t#]

Other programs

Open-GL program for investigating parameters for model users:

Scripts for GNUplot graphs:
NB: These scripts only work on older versions of Gnuplot. To make them work on newer versions *I think* something like perl -pi.bak 'tr/linestyle/style line/g;' should be all that's required.

Training text and alphabets for user trials:

Keith's unigram file, adapted for my own nefarious purposes

Very small and incomplete unigram file, for testing purposes only!

Dasher's Jane Austen training text, containing all of the text of Emma not included in the dictation exercises.

Short segment of Emma for testing purposes--contains reduced punctuation but a few odd characters for sanity testing when coding.

Dounan: emmatest has both documents combined--Emma and the unigram lexicon--though it's ordered incorrectly and I think we should change the way with which fullstops are dealt.

Dounan: a shorter document, justemma for testing purposes--contains all of the Emma training text and the words in unismall (so it's not 'just' Emma, but close).

Dictionary for T3 encoding, privileging Emma

Dictionary for T7 encoding, privileging Emma

Dictionary for T9 encoding, privileging Emma

T3 Disambiguation stats

T7 Disambiguation stats

T9 Disambiguation stats

GnuPlot program for making extremely crude disambiguation histograms