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Our constitution

Cambridge Ultimate  Constitution

1) The name of the society shall be Cambridge Ultimate

2) The Aims of the Society are;
To have fun playing Ultimate.
The fostering of the Spirit of the Game
The promotion of Ultimate amongst members of the 
University and town
World peace through Ultimate.

3) Membership of the society shall be open to all members of the
university, and others who apply to the comittee. The Committee shall
not refuse membership to any applicant, though it reserves the right
to expel members for behaviour not consistent with the Spirit of the
game or behaviour likely to bring the society or university into
disrepute. All members shall have full voting rights at society

4) The Annual General Meeting shall be held during Full Term at a date
announced by the Secretary, not less than two weeks prior to being

5) The committee of the society shall be elected at the
AGM. Nominations for the Committee shall be submitted to the Secretary
in writing or by e-mail at least one full day before the AGM. Any
member of the society shall be eligible for any post.  They shall be
supported by at least two nominations from other members of the
society. Votes shall be counted by at least two members who are not
candidates for the post. The election shall be carried out by a
first-past-the-post system.

6) The Committee shall consist of a President, Secretary and Junior
Treasurer. The committee may, at its discretion co-opt members for
coaching, social coordinator, University liason or other post.

7) A Senior Treasurer shall be appointed each year by the Committee to
audit the society's books.

8) Amendments to this Constitution shall be made only at the AGM, and
shall be proposed by three members in writing to the Secretary, not
less than one week before the AGM. No vote shall be valid unless a
quorum of at least half the current memebers is present.

David J.C. MacKay, Strange Blue
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