Ultimate in Cambridge - Phone tree

People who are not on email can be put in a phone tree such that important email messages are passed on to them verbally. Our system makes use of five reliable phone tree operators who have daily access to email and a phone.

How a phone tree message is initiated

Whenever someone sends an email to frisbee@mrao.cam.ac.uk, if they think it is important that the information gets phoned through to the non-email people, then they can label the message ***PHONE TREE*** at the top and the bottom.

The phone tree operators then phone their people, as listed below.

It can also work the other way

If someone without email wants to send a message to everyone, then they can contact their operator and give them the message verbally; the operator can then tap in the email message.

Phone tree operators

Ian Noell Cambridge Control 563016 423205 ian@camcontrol.co.uk 15 Grasmere Gardens, Cambridge CB4 3DR
Luke Walden 'Free Spirit' 845 095 N/A c/o ms223@hermes.cam.ac.uk
Graham Fletcher Darwin 352665 - gcf20@hermes.cam.ac.uk 2 Newnham Terrace
Alice Bunn Darwin 505525 * - amb48@hermes.cam.ac.uk 3 Newnham Terrace.
Dora Kemp MacDonald Inst. 243156 (3)39336 dak12@cus.cam.ac.uk 25 Greystoke Road, Cherry Hinton, Cambridge. CB1 4DT

Phone tree

ian@camcontrol.co.uk ms223@hermes.cam.ac.uk dak12@cus.cam.ac.uk amb48@hermes.cam.ac.uk gcf20@hermes.cam.ac.uk

Here is the system

The non-email people are put on FOUR lists. We have FIVE phone tree operators. Each list is given to one operator. When an operator goes away, he/she/it passes their list on to another operator, by sending them an email. (David M can provide emergency cover too.)

Please inform me (David mackay@mrao.cam.ac.uk) if any of the phone tree info is out of date, especially if there is someone new who needs adding.

You can always find the latest phone tree information that I have on this web page: http://www.inference.org.uk/ultimate/phone_tree.html

To start with the list allocations are:
List 1 Graham
List 2 Luke
List 3 Ian
List 4 Alice

The lists are

List 1:   Bob and JD        412 550  [I think they have moved]
          Chris (Shark with friends in Chesterton) - 358267
                    [call him outside term time only]
          Francis Lock and Daniel  356998 (ask for rm 108).

List 2:   Michael Flintoff  62762
          Natalie            329 270 
List 3:   Jim Keyworth      322 717
          James Metcalfe 563 031
               (James calls Matthew and Will)

List 4:   Greg Hallam       64012 or 63889 (chez his friend)
          Chris Fat Mills 515 881

It is the duty of everyone on email to look out for non-email people at practices and make sure they are clued in about the latest happenings. And harrass them for not being on the net.

Other Ultimate phone numbers in Cambridge.

David MacKay / mackay@mrao.cam.ac.uk - home page.