Games MUST run on time because we have to vacate at 5pm. If a team does not put 7 players on the line within 3 minutes of the start time, and the other team does, the late team loses one point, and one further point per minute.

Round 1: Round-robin in pools of 7
Games last 19 minutes, or first to 11 points. When the hooter goes, play out any running point. If the point is still running when the second hooter goes (for the start of the next game), complete any pass that is in the air then halt play and clear the field. Games may end in a draw. RECORD SCORE OF YOUR GAMES ON YOUR SCORE SHEET. At end of round robin, rank teams in each pool by win/lose/draw (worth 2/0/1 units). The top two teams from each pool have a chance of getting into the final.
Resolve ties on the basis of head-to-head result. If head-to-head was a draw, resolve by goal difference against highest ranked team in pool. If a three-way tie on basis of head-to-head, resolve using goal difference in those three games. If still tied, resolve using total goal difference in those games plus games against the highest-ranked team not involved in the tie.
Round 2: Inter-pool games
Games are to 13 points, win by two, maximum score 15; lower the cap at 35 minutes. Capping works like this: when the hooter goes, play out any running point; add 2 to the upper score; reduce the maximum score to this, if it's less than 15. Continue play until a team reaches the maximum score, or a team has 13 points and a lead of 2. Final: To 15 points, win by two, max score 17; lower the cap at 40 mins.
Rules of Ultimate
10.10-10.29 A1:A2 A3:A4 A5:A6 -
10.30 B3:B4 B5:B6 - B1:B2
10.50 A1:A7 - A3:A5 A2:A4
11.10 - B3:B5 B2:B4 B1:B7
11.30 A2:A7 A4:A6 A1:A3 -
11.50 B4:B6 B1:B3 - B2:B7
12.10 A2:A5 - A3:A7 A1:A6
12.30 - B3:B7 B1:B6 B2:B5
12.50 A1:A5 A2:A6 A4:A7 -
1.10 B2:B6 B4:B7 - B1:B5
1.30 A5:A7 - A1:A4 A3:A6
1.50 - B1:B4 B3:B6 B5:B7
2.10 A6:A7 A2:A3 A4:A5 -
2.30-2.49 B2:B3 B4:B5 - B6:B7
3.00-3.35 Semi X:
Semi Y:
B6:A6 A5:B5
3.40-4.15 Losers
of X&Y
A7:B7 B3:A3 A4:B4
4.10-4.50 Final

Cambridge Ultimate
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