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Advice about physiotherapy


Unfortunately, the term 'physiotherapist' is still unprotected. Any of you could do a weekend course and then put up a sign saying you are a physio. When looking for qualifications, ignore the number and variety of letters! If you want a degree physio, ie one with a full 3year course and then further experience, your therapist should have the letters MCSP. If they also have ACPSM then they have a further qualification in sports physio. There are plethora of other therapists qualifications ranging from weekend courses, through 6 week to 2 year modular courses up to 2 year full time courses. I could only recommend MCSP although I couldn't possibly comment on the individual skills of other practitioners. Look for the letters Dip Sports Med or MSc in Sports Med. when looking for a sports doctor. I'm very happy to recommend people in your area if anyone wants to mail me.

Dr Paul Marfleet (DIP. Sports Med!!)

David J.C. MacKay, Strange Blue
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