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Darwin College Music Committee

Darwin College website has a music webpage

We are eager to welcome new members to join the music committee.

The music committee

  1. helps put musicians in touch with each other to form ensembles and bands
  2. organises occasional informal concerts in college
  3. organises other musical events in college, eg Brazilian drumming evening
  4. appoints the director of the college choir
  5. buys sheet music for the college choir
  6. buys and maintains musical equipment for the use of college members


See this site to join the music email list | this link is for the administrator

Who's who

Music Committee Roles

Chair & Treasurer: David MacKay (djcm1)
Secretary: books the meeting room, circulates the agenda, and takes minutes of meetings.
DCSA liason: submits a budget on behalf of the music society to the DCSA (eg for concerts, equipment, sheet music), and tries to ensure it is spent. One thing needed in the budget is a count of members of the music society. Semen Trygubenko sat39@cam
Piano person: arranges the tuning of the grand piano.
Choir coordinator:
Website and email manager:
Freshers' concert organiser:
Informal concert organiser:
Equipment manager. - Rock band equipment, Music stands.
Notice boards and advertisements.
Database: Putting musicians in touch with each other, Freshers' fair: Giselle Walker gw265@cam
Wise old man: Alan Blackwell- Alan.Blackwell@cl.cam.ac.uk
Organise distribution of free concert tickets - Charlotte Rusby car22@cam

David J.C. MacKay, Music Committee Chair
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