Southeast Regional Ultimate Championships 1997 (outdoor)

Cambridge November 1-2

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General stuff

Invitations went out Saturday October 18th. All teams are welcome. Contact me if you haven't had an invitation.

Captains meeting is 9.30am. First game will be ON TIME at 10.00am

All scores must be reported to the tournament director. (Goal difference may make a difference in the rankings.)

If a team would like to come for the Saturday *only*, I can make a schedule which will accommodate you.


Venue is Cambridge Rugby Football Ground, Grantchester Road (Saturday) and Trinity New Field, Grantchester Road (Sunday). We have five fields each day.

Saturday: Changing rooms and showers in Cambridge Rugby Club. The bar supervisor's name is Jeremy.

The rugby club has a bar (no under-18s) with food available.

Tea / coffee will also be provided.

Sunday: Changing rooms in the Trinity pavilion and the St. Catharines pavilion. Showers in the St. Catharines pavilion.

The bar at the Cambridge Rugby Club will be available at least until 2pm.


If you want to camp, let me know immediately. Some overnight floor space is available for visitors. If you need guest-house information, let me know.

See also Letter to team contacts, Oct 25th.
Hosts Number
David M 11 mohawks/others
Sander 10 moh.
Dora 14 skunks
Ken and Maria 6 skunks
Ian 3 (spare)

Guests Friday night req'd Saturday night req'd contacts
Skunks 20 20 01703 672581
Red Shift 0 0 0468 806 885 / (0)1703 316410
Mad Kows 0 0
UTI 0 0 0171 893 4174 (prefer late sunday game)
Ow (pickup) 0 0 01865-248948
First Touch 0 0
Mohawks 0 15
Want lodging info: first touch, red shift.

Tournament cost

is more expensive than expected. It will be about 60 pounds plus a bit extra for some optional food and party options that we hope you will accept. Cheques will be collected at the captains meeting.


Cambridge can be reached easily by train; bikes are permitted on the trains to Cambridge from London Kings Cross and Liverpool St. People coming by road should take Junction 12 off the M11 onto Barton Road.


An Ascii map is available, and the relevant corner of it is reproduced below.

Grantchester Road is a left turn from Barton Road, as you go out of Cambridge, opposite Wolfson College.
The Cambridge Rugby Club is on the right just after the last house. The Trinity ground is opposite the Cambridge Rugby Club's ground.
Those coming by car from outside Cambridge (from any direction) are STRONGLY encouraged to approach from the M11, junction 12, along Barton Road (A603) so as to avoid congestion, which can be bad. Grantchester Road is then a right turn, opposite Wolfson College.


Plenty of Parking on Saturday in the Rugby ground.

On Sunday, some parking will be available in the rugby ground. Failing that, park on Grantchester Road or on Kings Road. NO PARKING ON TRINITY NEW FIELD.

Indoors on Friday option

If players would like to come and play some *indoors* in a shiny new sports hall on Friday night, 6-7pm, let me know.


Letter to team contacts, Oct 25th.
|| Nine team schedule || Ten team schedule ||

Map of the vicinity

 ||                      |Grange /    |    \_     \     \                    
 ||                      |Road  O      \_    \_    \ Parker's piece          
/||\   Barton Road       |     / \_      \_    \_   \    /Kelsey Kerridge    
-||-O------------+------++----'    \_      \_  E \   \  /                    
\||/   A 603     |      |H   *       \       \    ++--+' <-Lensfield Rd      
 ||              | SR   |KR       Fen `-------=---+    \                     
 || Junc         +--<---+        Causeway    /    |-----\____Railway Station 
 || 12    xxxxPPP|      |                   /     |Batman\                   
M11       xxxxxxx|vvvvvv|         River Cam/      |  St.  \
          xxxxxxx|vvvvvv C    (upper river)  Trumpington   \                 
          xxxxxx |                               Road       Hills Road       
xx Cambridge Rugby Ground  PPP parking
vv Trinity ground          C   St. Catharine's changing room)        
H  Hat and Feathers pub    *   Co-op supermarket
SR Selwyn Road (one way street)                                              
KR Kings Road                                                                
Landmarks: Grantchester Rd is opposite Wolfson College.
David MacKay <> Cambridge Ultimate

19, Thornton Road, Girton, Cambridge CB3 0NP. 01223 339852.

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